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A Human Resource Management consultancy firm dedicated to developing modules on training and development programs to drive EXECELLENCE in an organization.

Attitudinal Resource Consult (ARC)

Successful organizations acknowledge the importance of training programs to build human capacity and increase productivity. This is reflected in the amount of financial resources invested in staff training. Quite often, emphasis is usually laid on the end result which is productivity and or monetary returns for the company with minimal or non-existing attention to the service or project executor.

In both private and public sectors, reform schemes can only be successful if the human elements are placed and treated as important. As drivers of best practice initiative, the staff of an organization must be motivated to merge or implement reform policies to drive productivity with the right attitude.

Orientation of employees, business partners, service providers and other stakeholders is an important foundation for any organisation or government that wishes to achieve successful results. Persons that will be part of achieving an intended result must know and understand the policy direction and character of the organization or government they are affiliated with. They must learn, and imbibe the fundamentals of GOOD-TO-GREAT WORKFORCE.

It is important that workers understand the overall goals that the establishment wants to accomplish with its policy(s) and the attitude quotient. Therefore, there should be carefully chosen orientation programs geared toward achieving desired goals. Workers are expected to produce certain tangible results that can be referenced to evaluate their input as successful.

Our Coverage

ARC services are based on identified need(s) of an organization/client. Programs are then designed and structured into modules most suitable for the clients.

Our clientele include blue-chip companies, local and foreign organisations, federal, states and local governments, non-governmental organisations and more. Simply put, we are available to be of service to both private and public sector entities.

Improving Organizational Performance

We believe that Services and products should be subjected to very high scrutiny and supervision, that is why we support our clients to achieve CUSTOMER AMAZEMENT which trumps customer satisfaction.

Employees Training

We provide and equip employees with requisite skill sets for optimal performance in their organizations. We take into consideration that every investment made in people constitutes the strongest building block for securing the sustainable growth of organizations and the workforce.